the wine

VieVité Extraordinaire distinguishes itself as a truly exceptional wine lovers rosé. VieVité Extraordinaire is crafted from rare, hand selected grapes and boasts the pronounced heritage of 80-year old Grenache vines.


AOP Côtes de Provence



grape varietals

85% Grenache, 10% Cinsault & 5% Rolle

tasting notes

VieVité Extraordinaire stands true to its name as being a truly exceptional wine lovers rosé. The specially selected grapes used to make VieVité Extraordinaire provide a robust and full-bodied rosé, wrapped in a perfect combination of fresh fruit, spices and herbal notes. This perfected rosé wine lingers on the palate for a long, satin finish.


With its profound structure and complexity, VieVité Extraordinaire demands the presence of a proper meal. VieVité Extraordinaire may be paired with seafood and fish recipes that are dressed with succulent sauces, as well as Mediterranean cuisine with flavors of olive oil, garlic and fresh herbs. VieVité Extraordinaire truly shines with rich meat dishes, such as roasted turkey, duck, and rabbit.

Also available in large formats: 1.5L | 3L | 6L | 15L